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Floor Coverings

Type "board"

Number: ECO-140H20Sizes: 140x20


Number:ECO-140H23Sizes: 140x23


Number:ECO-140H25Sizes: 140x25


Number:ECO-148H31ASizes: 148x31

Type "tiles"

Number:Tile1-30x30Sizes: 30x30


Number:Tile2-30x30Sizes: 30x30


Number:Tile3-30x30-mixSizes: 30x30


Facade Cladding

Number: ECO-150H13-SSizes: 150x13


Number: ECO-177H28-SSizes: 177x28


Decorative Ceilings

Number: PR-1


Number: PR-2


Number: PR-3


Number: PR-4


Number: PR-5


Number: PR-6


Number: PR-7


Garden furnitures & Solutions

Number: ECO-40H30-GSizes: 40x30


Number: ECO-57H34-GSizes: 57x34


Number: ECO-72H12-RSizes: 72x12


Number: ECO-90H40-GSizes: 90x40


Number: ECO-90H45-GSizes: 90x45


Number: ECO-98H13-RSizes: 98x13


Number: ECO-98H50-GSizes: 98x50


Number: ECO-144H12-RSizes: 144x12


Number: ECO-150H150-GSizes: 150x150


Number: ECO-152H37-GSizes: 152x37


Number: ECO-160H80-GSizes: 160x80


Number: skrew1

WPC Decking Dealers Certificates

WPC Decking Systems

Bulgaria Decking Ltd is a company focused on the development of the Bulgarian economy, has a large amount of professional and advanced production technology and equipment and it bears capacity of 20,000 square meters WPC decking and equivalent products every year.

WPC products offered by Bulgaria Decking Ltd have gone through ten different product tests in recent years. We are an environmentally responsible company and we will work to reduce dependence on wood for the production of environmentally friendly products.

Welcome to a clean, modern and beautiful Bulgaria!

Contact us

Address: 1111 Sofia, Geo Milev, 33 Manastirska str., fl. 1, at. 5

Production base: Sofia region, Lokorsko village

Phone: +359 899 19 77 19

Email: kalin[at]buldecking.bg

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