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The products produced by WPC have an incredible choice of application. Here is a common of them :

DECKING– Flooring

So-called platform flooring and are the most common type of board and type of tiles.

  • type "board" - it is characterized by using a suitable lattice grill can be distanced from the surface of the ground, any height we want.

Of course how to install the boards to the rack is very specific and we offer them complete with appropriate fasteners.

  • type "tiles" - this type of flooring is extremely easy to install and does not require a specific knowledge or tools to install.

SIDING– facade cladding

Used for decorative wall covering of facades and vertical surfaces. They can be configured and combined in different ways depending on the preference of the client or the planned project.

Installation is performed by components developed by specialists engineers for the project and meet certain latitude and climatic conditions.


Ceiling - Decorative ceilings

Interior decorative ceiling systems and solutions developed by our company. Their aim is to put aesthetics and color in the ceilings. And last but not least to conceal imperfections in construction.

Garden Equipment - Garden Furniture and solutions

Possibilities for application of WPC products in gardens, parks or backyard of your house are very many and varied: ( railings, benches, tables, gazebos, sheds, planters, flowerpots, dustbins, garden lamps, etc.).

Design ideas and layout can be absolutely alone or be selected from our catalog.

Extreme UV and moisture resistance of the material determines its exterior use - swimming pools, marinas, walkways, terraces, balconies and much more.

In today's world everyone strives for perfection, bringing their ideas and views in your home and lifestyle. Bulgaria Decking Ltd is innovative company that tracks global trends in building and developing new products and their application, we will try to make your dreams a reality.

WPC Decking Dealers Certificates

WPC Decking Systems

Bulgaria Decking Ltd is a company focused on the development of the Bulgarian economy, has a large amount of professional and advanced production technology and equipment and it bears capacity of 20,000 square meters WPC decking and equivalent products every year.

WPC products offered by Bulgaria Decking Ltd have gone through ten different product tests in recent years. We are an environmentally responsible company and we will work to reduce dependence on wood for the production of environmentally friendly products.

Welcome to a clean, modern and beautiful Bulgaria!

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Address: 1111 Sofia, Geo Milev, 33 Manastirska str., fl. 1, at. 5

Production base: Sofia region, Lokorsko village

Phone: +359 899 19 77 19

Email: kalin[at]buldecking.bg

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